Family department launch discreet interactive questionnaire for new enquiries

The Grant Saw family department are delighted to launch an engaging, innovative questionnaire option for clients. The questionnaire is an artificial intelligence (AI) backed platform that is designed to gather key details for new family law matters. This will mean that upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, our lawyers will be in a position to provide advice to their clients at the first meeting rather than spending time fact gathering.

This new service seeks to obtain facts and details up front and in advance of a first meeting. The questionnaire is designed to intelligently interact with our clients via a bespoke, easy to use system which relates to their family law enquiry. After completion of the questionnaire, it will provide our lawyers with a comprehensive summary of the client’s individual circumstances.

This new offering allows clients to outline the issue upon which they are seeking advice and to provide important information such as their relationship history and financial arrangements. This can be done at a convenient time to the client via a mobile device, tablet, laptop or PC whilst receiving personalised guidance and support to complete the questionnaire.

Mike Clary, Partner at Grant Saw, said “We are delighted to offer this new service for our family law clients. At Grant Saw, our mission is to ensure that all our clients receive a positive experience and having this option available to them helps us to achieve that. Clients can access the questionnaire from any of the landing pages for our family law services or from our dedicated profile pages for Mandeep and Michael, our family lawyers. The customised experience not only assesses the clients’ needs and considerations, it is also a demonstration of another value added service from Grant Saw”.

The family law questionnaire has the ability to save progress meaning you can pause and later re-start the process, returning to the particular point you had last reached at a later time. The service is confidential and secure to use.

The family department provides services in the following areas: cohabitation agreements, child arrangement orders, divorce, domestic violence, per-nuptial agreements, co-ownership disputes and resolving financial arrangements.

For more information, please email family@grantsaw.co.uk or contact the family department on 020 8858 6971.