The 200km Charity Challenge: the halfway point

We are now halfway through the latest Grant Saw charity challenge and our 12 participants are making great progress with their respective challenges. Charlotte Mandy, Daniel Cooper, Imelda Galvin, Jayne Lye, Lauren Smith, Lisa Warner, Maria Lati, Michael Tobin, Randeep Thethy, Ray Crudgington, Saad Hameed and Simran Lalli are taking part by running or cycling 200km or walking a minimum of 10,000 steps throughout the month of March raising funds for BLG Mind.

We spoke to three members of the team who are embarking on different elements of the challenge:

“When I heard about the 200km challenge, I was keen to get involved and play my part. I have cycled over 110km so far this month and feel great for doing so. On Sunday, I managed just shy of 40km and getting out has been great for my physical and mental wellbeing. It’s great to raise money for a fabulous charity like BLG Mind whose work is extremely important at the moment. Thank you to everyone that has sponsored us so far and well done to my colleagues also taking part in this challenge”.

Charlotte Mandy – cycling

“I started running on a carbon fibre sports leg in the first lockdown using the couch to 5k app, then progressing to 10k 2/3 times a week. I had to get my leg adjusted last week as I’ve lost almost a stone now through running and it was too loose and had started slipping off. When I heard about the 200km challenge, I was keen to get involved and push my running to a new level for the month. So far, I have ran 70km this month and find it refreshing to get out before I start work and it certainly sets me up for the day and makes me feel more motivated for the day ahead.  Huge thanks to everyone who has sponsored us so far”.

Lauren Smith – running

“When I first heard of the latest charity challenge, I was a little reluctant but was persuaded to take part and I must say, it’s been a great thing to get involved in, particularly whilst we’re still in lockdown. I usually go out for a 2km lunchtime walk and we go out after 5pm for a slightly longer walk so I’m averaging about 6km per day. On Saturday, we drove down to Thamesmead and walked along the Thames Path to Woolwich Arsenal and back which was 9km. I really enjoy walking as you get to see different things, hear the birds and generally feel better. Thank you to everyone that has supported us so far. Mental health is particularly important at the moment and I am proud to be supporting such a worthy cause”.

Jayne Lye – walking

We have raised over £300 so far from this challenge which is great. If you would like to sponsor us, please click here.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for further updates.