Publication of Grant Saw Diversity Data

At Grant Saw, we are proud of our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We have recently completed the compilation of information from our staff surveys and submitted our diversity data to the SRA and, as we are required to do, we publish below some of the results of our data.

As we are a firm of less than 50 employees, we have elected not to publish data relating to transgender, religion or sexuality as it is not possible both to publish and to keep these matters confidential for the respondents to the survey.

Some key findings from our survey were:-

  • 40 responses were received of the 50 people invited to do so, meaning that 80% chose to respond.
  • 25 of the respondents were solicitors and 15 were other members of staff or preferred not to say.
  • 27 of the respondents identified as female and 13 as male.
  • Very few identified as having a disability or having their day-to-day activities impacted by a health issue.
  • 23 identified as white British or white other, with 8 identifying as Indian and another 9 from different ethnic groups.
  • 30 respondents attended state schools, 4 attended independent schools and 5 attended schools outside the UK. 1 did not complete the question.
  • 26 of the respondents said that neither of their parents went to university with 3 not knowing or preferring not to say and the other 11 having at least one parent who did.
  • 19 of the respondents did not have primary responsibility for caring for children whereas 21 of the respondents did.
  • 2 of the respondents spent between 1 and 49 hours per week caring or a relative or other dependent.

The information submitted to the SRA broke down this information further so that, for example, the answers given by the firm’s six partners could be viewed separately from those of other respondent groups.

We are grateful to our staff for responding to the survey. It will help our regulator build a better picture of what is happening within the profession so that inclusivity and diversity can be promoted.

Grant Saw Solicitors LLP