Written by: Kalpa PrajapatiFirst published: 25 July 2018

Grant Saw has had close links for some time now with the Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice in Bostall Hill, London SE2.  When we became aware that they were planning to undertake a major re-design of an area in their gardens, we decided to help out with a donation of some money for this project.

In June 2018 the garden was almost complete.  On Wednesday, 13 June the hospice opened its doors to all those who helped with the garden – both physically and by the donation of funds – for the official opening and both Kalpa Prajapati and Rose Walker attended the event.  It was a beautiful evening and the garden looked stunning.

A plaque was unveiled and the names on this included Grant Saw as one of the organisations which provided funding.  It was very rewarding to see the pleasure that the garden gave to the patients and their families who also attended the opening and this pleasure will no doubt continue as the garden grows and develops.  The space will provide a safe, peaceful and easily accessible haven for patients and also a place for their family members to be when the doctors are attending to the patient.

We are glad that we were able to be involved in the creation of this wonderful outside space and we are sure that it will provide the hospice staff as well as the patients and their families with many years of enjoyment

If you would like us to support your local organisation, please contact Kalpa Prajapati : 020 8305 3536 or email her at kp@grantsaw.co.uk