Online Payment

**IMPORTANT Grant Saw provides this payment link for the convenience of our clients in relation to settlement of our charges, VAT and minor disbursements. We do not accept payment of money for other purposes via our website both because funds transfer is not immediate (and so could delay your transaction) and because our providers deduct a percentage of funds paid. In the case of imminent property purchases or other urgent matters you should please contact our accounts department to discuss how payment may be made to us more quickly (by direct bank transfer) so as to avoid a delay. If money is paid via this link other than for our charges, VAT and minor disbursements then regrettably our terms and conditions entitle us to deduct from money  received an administration fee equivalent to the charge made to us by our provider**

If your payment doesn’t go through, please try the following:

  • Inform each line of your address separately
  • Make sure the billing address is the same address your card is registered with your bank
  • This page might not work on Internet Explorer, please try another browser like Google Chrome or Safari
  • Clear your cache memory
  • Refresh Grant Saw payment page
  • Still not working? Give us a call on 020 8858 6971 and we will process your payment via telephone
  • Help us improve your online payment experience, let us know the issues you have encountered by contacting us at 

You should be aware that:

  1. Payments made by credit and debit card will normally take 10 working days to credit our bank account.
  2. Payments by card can only be accepted with the express permission of the cardholder.
  3. Please see the link to our Refund Policy for full details concerning refunds.
  4. Please note that we can only accept payment from clients of this firm (or on behalf of clients) of this firm and that by making payment you agree to be bound by this firms terms and conditions, please click here for more information on our terms and conditions.


If you have any concerns regarding the online payment facility please contact our accounts department on 020 8858 6971 or email us at