NOT just ANOTHER Covid 19 update


Ray Crudgington | Managing Partner

You’ve already had lots of e-mails from everyone telling you that they are taking the utmost care for their staff and their clients during these unprecedented times. And so we are at Grant Saw.  We are very much open for business too. Our lawyers’ direct dial numbers are on our website or you can e-mail enquiries@grantsaw.co.uk . As you would expect, we will do our best to find practical ways and means to advise as best we can in as timely a way as possible. We’re here to help.

These are worrying times and there’s much to concern us. Our elderly relatives, our friends with underlying health conditions, how we are going to pay the mortgage, hang onto our business or even our marriage. The BBC news is relentlessly gloomy. Boris appears, flanked by the experts to deliver the latest figures and instructions. There’s not even any football on the telly!

So, yes, do ring us or e-mail if we can help with any legal problem but

  • Look out for others especially if they are isolated or vulnerable
  • Ask how your friends, families and colleagues are doing
  • Talk to people- don’t just e-mail- and video calling may be better
  • Practise prayer, meditation or mindfulness!
  • Take exercise!
  • Talk to your family, whether at home or remotely. It’s amazing what you will learn!
  • Reconnect with old friends on social media
  • Laugh and make others laugh!
  • Mow the lawn in your lunch hour. Kick the leaves.
  • Paint
  • Spend money in the corner shop
  • Order a takeaway from your nearest restaurant (they do them now, you know)
  • Let each day’s troubles be enough for that day


Best wishes to you, your family and your colleagues from all at Grant Saw Solicitors