Adopting the title “Understanding your Lawyer”, Ray took the group through the changes which have occurred in the legal profession over the last thirty years highlighting some “milestones” in the transition of the “profession” to “commercial businesses”, a state of affairs which is still not accepted by some lawyers even today.

Ray Crudgington said following the talk:

“We are always being told that we need to understand our clients more so it was nice to be able to help some clients and potential clients understand us a little more as well. Law firms which do not focus on their service offering will soon find themselves squeezed out of existence. There is a growing trend towards bringing new innovative ideas to the field of legal service and there is a real risk that some firms will get left behind if they do not realise this and adapt to the changing market conditions”.

Ray Crudgington joined Grant Saw in 1997 and has been Managing Partner for several years. He is moving away from “front line” client work to focus increasingly on the management and development of Grant Saw’s business.

This is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.