The SRA require us to publish the results of our diversity survey.

We are not allowed to publish information which will identify individuals.

We are not required in any event to publish information about religion, belief or sexual orientation and the firm will not do so.

All professional and support staff at Grant Saw Solicitors LLP were invited to complete a survey in line with the SRA’s requirements. There were 37 respondents and 9 members of staff who did not respond.


24% of respondents were aged 34 or under.

29% of respondents were aged between 35 and 44.

38% of respondents were aged between 45 and 64.

9% of respondents were aged more than 64.


29% of the respondents were male.

71% of the respondents were female.

No respondents reported a gender change.


None of the respondents considered themselves to have a disability although 9% of the respondents did consider that their activities were limited a little by medical conditions.

Ethnic Origin

73% of the respondents identified as White British.

15% identified as either Asian British (Chinese) or Asian British (Indian).

The remainder were made up of other ethnic groups.


68% of the respondents reported that they had attended a UK state school.

18% of the respondents attended a UK independent or fee paying school.

The remainder either attended schools outside the UK or declined to give an indication.


53% of respondents attended university and 30% did not attend university with the remainder of respondents preferring not to say.

Primary Carer

75% of respondents indicated that they were not a primary carer for children whereas 22% were and 9% of respondents said that they gave care to a sick or disabled relative.

Survey data will be provided to the SRA on a confidential basis in accordance with our professional obligations.


This is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.